Another youtube sensation – Ana Free

Ana Gomes Ferreira Portuguese by birth and upbringing, now living in the UK has caught my eye and ears! She chose to go with Ana Free as her stage name because most people outside of Portugal can’t pronounce her last name. Heck I have a hard time with all the Rs 🙂 She’s been performing covers by various artists for a while now and has a gift for singing. When you listen to her you’d think she’d have a either a Portuguese-English accent or British accent, but no, it’s oddly more North American.

Recently she got her break teaming up with Brazilian stars Claus and Vanessa who sing chilled out Brazilian songs. The duo have this song called Medo de Amar which originally has a reggae relaxing feel to it. By adding in some really great beats and some English verses by Ana, voilà! a remix hit is born. I can’t get enough of this song. Check it out: