NKOTBSB and solo projects

I went to see this show last Saturday with 2 of my girlfriends. We chatted about which group member was our favourite: Anusha loved Jon, Abs loved Jordan, and I too loved Jordan then went to Donnie (can’t get enough of those bad boys!)…we’re pretty old 🙂 so we grew up more so on New Kids rather than Backstreet Boys, not to say we didn’t know the songs they sang, we did and we definitely sang-a-long. But as usual I learned the words wrong and was singing my own remix as I called it.

I had no idea that I was going to have a blast. This is my 2nd time seeing the NKOTB and the 1st time seeing BSB. They are true performers! They were slick with their dance moves, sang exactly how I remembered them, and had some really funny moments with ladies from the crowd.

The older guys seemed to be in better form than their younger counterparts, physically, vocally, and as a group. Their bodies were urber sexy and you could tell they worked hard to get those rock hard abs to impress their fans. And we definitely appreciated it! Here are some memories:



Apparently from what I hear on the radio and read on the Internet Jordan Knight and Nick Carter recently came out with solo projects while still working on this tour. I’m not really sure where they get the time. I think they both have good pop-dancing-in-trend songs…but I think I like Jordan’s a bit better. Maybe it’s because I like his voice a better, I find Nick’s to still sound like a boy.

Jordan Knight – Let’s go higher

Nick Carter – Love can’t wait

If you’ve been to their show comment on how you enjoyed yourself. I wonder if it’s the same performance for their entire tour…that can get boring fast.


2 thoughts on “NKOTBSB and solo projects

  1. Nick’s voice is easier to understand and has a bit more emotion behind it in these tracks. Perhaps its just the particular youtubes above, but I enjoy Nick’s song much more! I also hate a song with too much falsetto in it–one reason I can’t stand Justin Timberlake and most of the urban R&B artists out there.

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