Sept/Oct 2011 – music being played worldwide

Here are a bunch of new songs that I’ve been replaying and replaying for the last little while.

Corneille – Le jour après la fin du Monde

Where has this guy been?! This Canadian, French singer dropped off my radar about 5 years ago…well he’s back with a new album and this single.

Inna – Club Rocker

Latest one from her:

David Guetta feating Sia – Titanium

Seems like everyone is getting on the David Guetta band wagon…and why not? He’s a hit-maker. I don’t think I’ve heard a sucky mix or remix by him (yet). Here’s another hit.

Avicii – Levels

This mix is my favourite one out there. I’m completely hooked on Avicii…and he just happen to be easy on the eyes 😉

Keemo, Tim Royko & Cosmo Klein – Beautiful Lie

This is just a calming, free, chillin’ song. Enjoy.

Taio Cruz featuring Flo Rida – Hangover

Unfortunately this song sounds a lot like all his current hits…and it’s starting to get annoying and disappointing. Get back to the sound from your Departure album! But I have to say most of us can relate to this song; having a hangover from time to time.

Rihana – Cheers (drink to that)

I can’t imagine anyone not liking this song right now. It’s just a straight up great getting ready to go out song with your girls (or boys), or if you’re at the club it’s a handy song to cheers to!