New(ish) Music I have on Repeat

Esmee Denters, YouTube sensation never got her (North American) big break like Justin Bieber did, which is a shame really. She is just as talented as him and I think has better beats. But you can’t compete with screaming teenagers who like a pretty boy. She’s got a new single out called City Lights. Good track, but sounds familiar…can we say Major Lazzzzzer? Same/similar rip-off beat Beyonce did for her Run The World (Girls) track. Don’t get me wrong I still like this song…I guess if it works why not use it? Here it is:


If you like Sia’s track with David Guetta, you’ll definitely like this one with Flo Rida. Her voice is just so smooth, I just love it.


Speaking of Justin Bieber…I have to admit I’m lovin’ his collaboration with the Far East Movement and LMFAO. Super catchy.


And finally for now, I’ve only discovered Aura Dione now (where have I been? haha). She’s got this really awesomely unique song called Geronimo. I can’t get enough of it.